There are many opportunities to get involved in the various adult ministries at Reformation.

Adult Bible Class - 

Chasing the Meaning(less)A study of the book of Ecclesiastes


At times, it can all feel so empty and meaningless – a chasing after the wind. Throughout history, human beings have sought to find joy, happiness, fulfillment, significance and meaning, but no matter how great their accomplishments, human beings are unable to fully find and truly achieve what they are looking for. Join us this Sunday as Pastor Werner leads us into a study of the book of Ecclesiastes where we will find out that what spoils life and makes it meaningless is the attempt to get more out of life—more out of work, pleasure, money, food, knowledge—than life can provide. This is not fulfilling and feels meaningless, leading to a refrain that we will hear throughout the book: “Meaningless! Meaningless! Everything ins meaningless!” The truth the Teacher will teach us is that no matter how wise or rich or successful you may be, no one can find meaning in life apart from God. And so as we explore each topic and see how “this too is meaningless – a chasing after the wind,” this meaninglessness should drive us to fear God, whose work endures forever. And there, in the gospel of Jesus Christ, we will find the real meaning of life shining through more brightly than ever. Classes begin each Sunday at 9:30 am.  


Sunday and Midweek Bible Classes

Other Classes (Varies)

Foundations 101: A basic Christianity class that offers a reassuring atmosphere for people to discover more about God, the Bible, and what we believe here at Reformation.

Life Groups

These groups of 6-10 people gather together in members' homes during the week in order to deepen their relationship with Jesus through the study of God's Word, strengthen their relationships with one another, pray for one another, encourage one another, and serve one another. These provide in-depth topical groups for further Bible study and growth in God’s Word.

Further Education and Support Programs

Offers a comprehensive, balanced, and functional curricula from a Christian perspective for a variety of different interests (e.g., Finances, Marriage, Parenting, Prison Ministry, Vacation Bible School, Easter for Kids, Christmas for Kids, etc.)

Music Worship

Adult Choir

Praises God through song and worship for special services and events

Praise Band

Leads worship every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month, playing contemporary music from various Christian artists


Enhances the sight and sound quality for each service and event

If you are interested in any of these ministries or if you have any questions about them, contact the church office, 858-279-3311.

More Volunteer Opportunities

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