Welcome Home!


Worshiping our God—listening to him speak to us in his Word and responding with our praise—is always special. However, it can be especially joyful when the house is packed. Think of the singing on Christmas Eve… or the way we need to set up chairs on Easter Sunday. Yet, even on those days, we have members who are out of town.

The goal of Welcome Home Sunday is to have a day when everyone that is part of our Christian family comes together. After all, church is supposed to be a home, and believers are kin. Our focus of worship on this day is the blessing of Christian community. Thus, we want 100% of our members there.

We are also planning to have a “family meal” together after the 10:30am worship service on October 20. Make plans to join us for that too. We’ll have bounce houses for the kids and time for our family to catch up and encourage one another over a good meal. Please do everything possible to set that date aside so that we can pack the house that day.

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