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Connected: An Easter Worship Series for April-May 2021

Find out how Jesus’ resurrection connects us to so many blessings. 


For a time it looked like everything had fallen apart. Their Savior had died. They thought they might be next. But Easter morning changed everything! Christ appeared to his disciples, resurrected, fully alive! 

During April and May 2021, we are going to continue our Easter celebration and explore more deeply what Jesus’ resurrection means for us. As we dig into the words of Jesus from the Easter Gospel lessons, there we will find a connection that cannot be broken. Through the resurrection of Christ, we are connected to true peace that drives out doubt. Through the Holy Spirit, we can study the Scriptures together and see the heart of God and his plans for us. We will hear a wonderful truth – we are safe in Christ’s flock! He is the Good Shepherd, and we love to gather to listen to his voice. Jesus urges us to stay connected to the vine where we will produce fruits of faith. Through his love he connects us to himself and to each other. And he assures us that even though we don’t see him anymore, we are still connected with him—connected and protected by his power and his word. 

You are connected because of Jesus! You are connected to his resurrection, to him as your Good Shepherd, to his word, to his love, to each other, and more! If you haven’t been connected much over the last year, perhaps now is a great time to reconnect, as God connects us to so many blessings. 

Join us here at Reformation each week as we find out how Jesus’ resurrection connects us to so many blessings. Together we’ll see all kinds of blessings as we experience the connecting power of our risen Savior Jesus! 

  • Connected to God’s Peace (April 10-11)
  • Connected to God’s Word (April 17-18)
  • Connected to Our Good Shepherd (April 24-25)
  • Connected to the Vine (May 2)
  • Connected by Love (May 9)
  • Connected and Protected (May 16)
  • Connected by the Spirit (May 23) 


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