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Life with purpose. What does it look like? How can I have one? Perhaps those questions can be summed up by the one question: Why am I here? That’s a question that has been answered in many ways by many different people. The fashionable idea seems to be to look within yourself to find your own meaning and purpose.

But what if I told you the opposite is true? If you want to find life’s purpose, if you want your life to have meaning, you need to look outside yourself—you need to look to God himself. But it doesn’t start with what God would have you do. It starts with what he has done for you.

Join us each Sunday this January and February as we explore this powerful teaching from God’s Word. Come and find a life with purpose.

Life With Purpose: A Worship Series at Reformation

        January 13      Set apart for a special purpose

        January 20      The Heavenly Bridegroom gives life purpose

        January 27      Special Christian Education Sunday (Reformation Basketball Tournament weekend)

        February 3      Purpose is found in the Body of Christ

      February 10      Truth and purpose

      February 17      Christ’s call provides our purpose

      February 24      Learning to trust is life’s purpose

            March 3      The Lord’s glory is our purpose


Join Us for the Luther Prep Singers Sacred Concert at Reformation on March 15

Luther Preparatory School will soon be on their spring choir tour and Reformation Lutheran Church is one of their concert stops. Mark your calendars now for March 15, 2019 at 7:00pm.

Luther Preparatory School, located in Watertown, Wisconsin, is a WELS high school that provides a Christ-centered education. Its mission is to prepare high school students for a lifetime of Christian service with a special focus on encouraging young people to consider serving in the full-time ministry of the church as teachers and pastors.


Reformation Church Service Times

  • Sundays at 8:00 AM & 10:30 AM
  • Contemporary Worship services are held on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month at 10:30 AM.
  • Kids4Christ and Bible Classes at 9:30 AM.


4670 Mt Abernathy Avenue
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