“Is this it?”

Have you ever felt like there must be something more—something more than finding all the eggs, something more than finding the Easter baskets, even something more than a special day with family and friends?

The good news of Easter is that there is something more. The good news of Easter is that there is a more satisfying answer. The message of Easter is that Jesus Christ came to give us something more. He died on a cross to give us something more, and on Easter he rose from the dead to give us something more. Join us here at Reformation this Easter for uplifting worship and a message of hope that will give you a more satisfying answer. Together we will gather around Jesus’ empty tomb, because that’s where we will find a more satisfying answer.

Join us for either one of our two festival worship services on Easter Sunday, April 1, 2018:

  • 8:00am Festival Worship
  • 10:30am Festival Worship

Please also join us for a free Easter breakfast between services at 9:15am in our gym building

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